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We just too white n' nerdy.
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I think I wanna do some cheap commissions today!:) I'll take the first 10 for now. just 10pts and I'll do a quick sketch of your OC! For a good idea of what my artstyle looks like, here's a few thumbnails of my sketches n' such:
Rena Graves by GreyVanska Salvatore Ascencio by GreyVanska Ewald The one-armed elf paladin by GreyVanska
I may or may not add minor color to your commission, because these will be just very quick sketches mostly for fun ^^ haha. You can pay after I finish the sketch
So this is the first adoptable I've ever done, so I have no idea how much to ask for. I guess I could say, best offer. Hoping for at least 500pts, but will probably settle for less ^^ haha!
Random OC for adopt (pay with points) by GreyVanska
Random OC for adopt (pay with points) by GreyVanska
Random OC for adopt (pay with points)
I originally drew this as a fun exercise to design a character. And I am very pleased with how this came out. The only problem being that I have no idea what else to do with this character so, I reckon I'll just sell him as an adoptable character! Only problem there is that I've never done it before! so.... We'll see how this goes! haha. No idea really how much I should sell him for though. Anyone willing to give me an appraisal for how much this would be worth??
P.S. The one-eyed frowny face was drawn because it's supposed to be a close-up of what's on his headband and shoes. Haha, I thought it was kind of cool.
Warp lane chibis by GreyVanska
Warp lane chibis
These are some chibi characters I drew for the kickstarter my friend Jeff started for the online game he was creating, based on his scifi book series. Unfortunately the kickstarter didn't get funded, but I'm still very happy with how these came out. I may even open up chibi commissions down the road if anyone is actually interested in it.
Draw This Again- Evil Mutated King by GreyVanska
Draw This Again- Evil Mutated King
I'm working on some more important things, but in the meantime, here's a quick sketch I did of an old drawing I did when I was like 13. I didn't spend a LOT of time on this, but I feel like it definitely shows how far I've come in regards to how my style has changed as well as my basic anatomy and posing. Hope ya like!
Hey! I never post journals, and I've never really been sure why... until now.
So I had this idea, like 5 minutes ago, to start using my journals to talk about something that's actually important to me: Music. I've always loved art (obviously), and to me that includes music. It's always been a huge influence for me, and I almost never draw anything without music to accompany me.
With that said, what I want to do is take some time every once in a while to post a review of an album or band that I like and open up a discussion for others who love music and want to recommend things to listen to!
I'm very open to different genres and styles of music, and have a very broad palette I would say, so I'd love to hear what everyone else is listening to!

SO! My first topic is going to be my all-time favorite band INCUBUS! More specifically I'll discuss their album, 'Make Yourself' as this album probably is their most recognizable, featuring songs like 'Drive', and 'Pardon Me'. 
If you've never heard of/listened to Incubus before, then I'd guess I'd have to say they're a little bit hard to describe. In the broadest of terms, I say they're in the 'Rock' Genre :D To get more specific, They originally debuted with they're first album, 'Fungus Amongus' as a funk metal band, and as they've progressed they've definitely become more like Alternative hard rock, with some hip hop, funk, and art rock influences. They're definitely unique, to say the least. I especially love a lot of their later stuff as it's really when the writing and lyrical content hits its stride. Brandon Boyd, the lead singer and primary song writer definitely has a way with lyrics that really paints a picture in one's mind, and if that isn't art, then like... I dunno what is, ya know?

'Make Yourself' is really Incubus' first album to deviate from their original sound, which was much heavier, and often included more fast-paced rapped lyrics and funk inspired slap bass among other things. 'Make Yourself' is still very much true to the hard rock genre though, as it incorporates lots of distortion and petal-board effects on the guitar. The album overall has a very smooth flow to it, transitioning from hard-hitting songs like the titular song 'Make yourself' to softer songs like 'Drive'. 

To sum it up, I would definitely recommend this album, and this band to anyone who loves rock, hard rock, may even hip-hop. I think for fans of bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queens of the Stone Age, and I would even say fans of Jimi Hendrix, as that is one of the influences that the lead-guitarist Mike Einziger has cited, I would totally recommend them!! haha.

So.... Yeah! So what've you been listening to lately? Who's your favorite band? Do you play any instruments? Do you have any bands that you would recommend that I listen to???? :) I REALLY would LOVE to hear what everyone has to say!! I would love to continue doing these! :iconcoolplz:
now I'm worn out... :icontiredplz:
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